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Lighten us with celestial fire!

This Sunday John's Gospel points to how Jesus remains alive and present in the world today.

Jesus: the ultimate transformer

Transformation of water into wine is just one of Jesus' miracles: as we shall hear this Sunday, human lives also are transformed by his Spirit.

Do you need a spiritual top-up?

This Sunday we encounter true baptism – the outward rite of washing with water and the inner filling of the baptised person with the Holy Spirit.

Prepare for a strange visitation

What do we make of these strange visitors from the east who turn up bearing gifts for the babe?

Jesus provokes parental anxiety

Imagine: a child wanting to stay in church longer than the parents. That's the situation in our gospel reading this Sunday.

Stand by for the best news ever

So what we will do with God's great gift in the year following December 25?

Judgment Day without tears

Thought for Sunday: What lifestyle changes may demonstrate our readiness for judgment?

Advent 2: Look to the world

The gospel this Sunday encourages us to continue living for the sake of the world which is not yet in the kingdom of God.

Be alert at all times!

This Sunday, Advent 1, offers a stirring warning to stay awake – so don't be lulled by festive overtures.

Worth a look