Telling the stories of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, NZ and Polynesia

Good reads: Becoming Pākehā

Tim McKenzie sets off in search of waypoints on the journey between cultures in Bishop John Bluck's new book, 'Becoming Pākehā.'

Quiet Anglican hero inspires book

Wellington Anglican writer Kate Day shares the story of how she came to pen the biography of missionary doctor Edric Baker, a humble Anglican hero whose medical work in Bangladesh has led to the moniker 'New Zealand's Mother Teresa.'
• Watch Kate Day explain her book 'Call me Brother'.

Book questions sexual abuse of Jesus

A new book by two Aotearoa-based public theologians and their UK colleague reflects on the stripping and exposure of Jesus on the way to the cross as a form of sexual abuse.

A shining light amid the ruins

A new book details the rise of a cathedral in the midst of ruin and loss.

This is no country for old men

Hidden Country

John Bluck's autobiography is a page-turner, brutally hard to put down.

Thankfully, God is still God

Tokens of Trust

Sheer breadth of knowledge, coupled with a deeply spiritual life, makes Rowan Williams’ writing accessible, thought-provoking and, at times, intensely disturbing.

No neat answers to shared ministry

Local Ministry

This 150-page book contains a collection of essays that seeks critically to review the Shared Ministry movement.

Godtalk for the modern world

The God Book

The contents of the book point to ordinary parishioners rather than academics – the faithful who continue to struggle with language about God and our understanding of God in a world that largely ignores God.

Generous take on our troubles

Anglican Communion in Crisis

Post-Lambeth 2008 the major rift within Anglicanism persists. Its origins, history and future prospects are all bound up with the alliance between sections of conservative Episcopalianism and African Anglicanism.

Worth a look