Telling the stories of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, NZ and Polynesia

Baring the depravity of slavery

12 Years a Slave
This is a powerful film but it's also a trial for tender souls.

The princess who fell in the dark

Intimate glimpses of a pampered princess who could never be herself.

Space dishes up some body blows

'Lost in space’ for people who like stunning visuals. 

A contemporary take on Jesus

The Gospel of Us
Imagine 'The Teacher' dancing to rock music. then listening to Paul Potts' opera... 

Here come the machines – again

Pacific Rim
To the rescue: computerized machines as tall as skyscrapers and piloted by humans in the machine’s brain.

Just don't get in Steve's way

Beware of those who pursue their dreams – with scant regard for others. 

Up, up and away to a new identity

"Acts of God" propel Clark Kent's search for true identity.

Earth has gone mad and bad

After Earth
Buckle up for a journey of perils and healing when the world is lost.

Beware of other-worldly scavengers

A complicated quest for freedom in a universe beset by scavengers.

Worth a look