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Synod votes for modern cathedral

Christchurch Diocese gives overwhelming endorsement to the most modern of the three concepts for a new Cathedral in the Square.

Taonga News  |  14 Apr 2013  |  2 Comments  

The Diocese of Christchurch Synod has given overwhelming endorsement to the most modern of the three concepts for a new cathedral in the Square.

On the Saturday afternoon, the Synod heard a presentation from the Cathedral Project Group and Warren & Mahoney about the three cathedral options – restored, traditional or contemporary.

Bishop Victoria asked the 220-odd synod members and observers for a show of hands to indicate which option they favoured.

There were precisely no hands raised in support of the stone-for-stone restoration.

Perhaps ten were raised in favour of the traditional option.

But when Bishop Victoria asked for an indication of support where the contemporary version is concerned, there was a forest of raised hands.

There are a few clergy, however, who raised reservations about the interior plan of the contemporary scheme.

Bosco Peters, Peter Carrell and Andrew Allan-Johns suggested an ‘Option 3b’ which, they claim, would allow greater flexibility of use, and be a “21st century cathedral for a 21st century church.”




Paddy Noble

They should not rebuild the cathedral. rather the remnants should be a reminder that the church is not a building but a community of concerned people who have no housing in Christchurch, and how the church responds to that. Because there is something wrong with this picture, how everyone is concerned on the way the new cathedral should be rebuilt, but not focusing on the many Christ Church Citizens who have no housing and are struggling to make ends meet. Rather everyone talks about how many millions it will cost to build a cathedral that will be a beacon of tourism. I'm sure there will be more earthquakes in Christchurch so how many more millions will you need with the next building comes crashing down. At the end of the day I'm sure Jesus would be worried about the needs of the people rather than building a fancy church that cost millions of dollars.

Tim McKenzie

There's a drawing of the Proposed Option 3b online at Worth a look