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Trustees reassured by church

Here's the text of the resolution in which the church says, in effect, that it will back trustees if they decide, in the wake of Christchurch, that fully reinsuring buildings is not realistic.

Taonga News  |  12 Jul 2012  |  1 Comment  

Motion 34

Mover: Rt Rev’d R Bay 

Seconder: Rt Rev’d P Richardson

THAT this General Synod/te Hīnota Whānui resolves that in the light of

- the impact of the Christchurch earthquakes,

- the subsequent increase in the cost of insurance; and

- the fact that a Diocese or Hui Amorangi may not rebuild a property following an earthquake or other disaster

It recognizes that trustees of church property may properly

- not insure a building against the risk of earthquake damage; or

- insure property at less than full value; or

- leave property uninsured; or

- insure in a manner that provides significantly less cover than was commonplace prior to the Christchurch earthquake without being held to be imprudent.

and asks the Judicial Committee to consider recommending the inclusion of this resolution in the list of standing resolutions at the conclusion of this General Synod / te Hīnota Whānui.


Tony Fitchett

Not a relaxation - the Canons (Title F) already allow trustees to decide whether or not to insure, and to what degree.