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Baptists congratulate Dean Digby

The National Leader of New Zealand's family of Baptist Churches is publicly congratulating Digby Wilkinson on his appointment as Dean of Wellington Cathedral...

Taonga News  |  28 Jun 2013  |  1 Comment  

The Baptist family of churches in New Zealand have publicly congratulated Digby Wilkinson on his appointment as Dean of Wellington Cathedral.

The Rev Craig Vernall, who is the National Leader of the Baptist movement here, has issued a statement noting the gifts Digby bring to his new task, and the “transformational process of restoration” he has been through.

Pastor Vernall also celebrates Digby’s journey towards becoming Dean in terms of the wider body of Christ.  

His full statement follows:

“As a Baptist family of churches we congratulate Digby Wilkinson on his appointment as Dean to the Wellington Cathedral.

“He is a fine communicator and minister and is very well supported by his wife Jane and their family.

“Digby has undergone a rigorous and transformational process of restoration since his conviction a decade ago.

“As Baptists we were very impressed with the integrity and transparency he displayed throughout this process. Of which no small part is attributable to the care and support of Rev. Brian Hamilton of the Holy Trinity Anglican church in Tauranga.

“It's tremendous to see this cross pollination of Christian traditions strengthening the body of Christ in our land.”


Paddy Noble

It irks me to look at this from a supposed Christian forgiving perspective, yet on hindsight this man was responsible for fraud in his own church. And yes he's been dealing with those issues and hopefully he's worked through them. Addictions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes beyond social status, cultures and religion. Wilkinson was no different.
On the human non forgiving side of me (judge me if you like) how is it that this man a former addict and defrauding the Baptist church out of so much money then becomes the Anglican Dean of St Paul's Cathedral in Wellington? And in all Christian forgiving circumstances can St Paul's Cathedral and Wellington Diocese approve his repentance and make him the Dean of St Paul's Cathedral? Does the Cathedral have very strict monitoring systems to prevent fraud at the hands of its newly appointed dean? I will never know. Only time will tell. It’s like the church is dancing on hot charcoals waiting for someone to get singed so everyone can say to the Cathedral and Wellington Dioceses see I told you.
But to me this story seems a little more sinister than usual. George looks at this from the perspective...