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Brain Thomas  |  07 May 2008

1. Who can submit comments?

All readers are welcome to submit comments when invited. We encourage wide debate. However, as in any community, there have to be guidelines and rules. Submissions that do not follow those rules will be removed from the website.

2. What are the main rules?

• Be courteous. Respect other readers' viewpoints. Make others feel comfortable about expressing their thoughts.
• Lively debate is encouraged but your comments must not be personally abusive. That includes others who have already commented. Never use threatening language or terms.
• Do not use swear words.
• In keeping with NZ law, do not use language or make comments that can be considered discriminatory on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, nationality, age or disability. Your comments must not contain, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise illegal material.
• A submission is limited to 1200 characters (about 250 words).
• Putting whole words or sentences in CAPITAL letters is considered shouting in the internet world – and therefore unacceptable. Lots of exclamation marks are also annoying for readers.
• Do not use short forms of text messaging.
• Do not use the website forums to try to spread gossip, breach court orders or make allegations about people.
• If you are a business, please do not use the forums to slip in free advertising.
• By submitting a comment you are consenting to its display on the website and agreeing to abide by the rules. Take responsibility for your comments and accept that these comments may be edited or deleted.

3. Why do I have to log-in when sending in my comments?
We prefer you to allow your full name to be published with your comments. This shows you are genuine and accountable for the views you have submitted.

4. Can I make suggestions or submit a complaint?

If you have any general thoughts about our website, or consider some content inappropriate, please let us know.
You can contact the Website Editor here.