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CWS helps ex-Rafah clinic

Christian World Service is calling for funding help for the Rafah Medical Clinic, which has responded to the Rafah invasion by setting up a mobile medical clinic meeting the needs of people displaced to the south by Israel’s ground offensive.

Taonga News  |  31 May 2024  |

In its latest update to Christian World Service, the Middle East Council of Churches’ Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees(DSPR) reports its medical workers have shifted from the now-unusable Rafah medical clinic, to a new mobile clinic van.

Now they can offer pop-up clinics in the tent cities where hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinian people are forced to live to escape the killing.

Christian World Service says the latest report from DSPR is a testament to the courage and bravery of its staff, who on May 6 were forced to close their busy Primary Health Clinic in Rafah at the start of the Israeli Defence Force offensive in the south.

Determined to continue their work, DSPR medical staff rented a minivan to serve as as a reception office and pharmacy, which helps them get to places where they can offer essential medical care for 250+ displaced people per day.

DSPR staff have also a rented a car to transport their doctors, nurses, pharmacist and social worker to the places of most need, as well as their administrators and managers of operations that help keep the clinic functioning.

On the DSPR mobile clinic's first day of operation, staff treated 261 patients for lung infections, diarrhoea, skin diseases, minor injuries, chronic diseases and other illnesses. Today, despite the trauma and violence affecting the civilian population, the clinic team travels around to different communities to treat these people living in a very deprived and dangerous environment.

CWS reports that in Shijaia too, another DSPR medical team has opened a medical clinic and repaired war-damaged offices to begin providing medical care to people displaced there.

Since the war began, DSPR’s programmes have treated over 66 000 people. The most recent report received by Christian World Service offered heartfelt thanks for the dedication and care of their staff in Gaza.

"We are grateful for having such brave heroes and exceptionally dedicated staff, who decided to keep restoring hope and wiping the tears of these forgotten and tortured people.” the DSPR manager said.

“A big thank you for our partners and supporters. Without your care, solidarity and support, all of this wouldn’t have been possible."

Please give generously to the Christian World Service Gaza Palestine Emergency Appeal.