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Al Ahli Hospital needs our help

Anglican Missions has confirmed that Al Ahli Anglican Hospital in Gaza is still caring for patients, and needs our support with its humanitarian work now more than ever.

Anglican Missions  |  18 Oct 2023

Anglican Missions unequivocally condemns the rocket attack on Al Ahli Anglican Hospital, calling in the strongest terms for a complete ceasefire and end to all hostilities in the region. Now, more than ever, humanitarian aid and assistance is vital to put people first in this horrific conflict.

Hospitals and civilian infrastructure are protected under International Humanitarian Law; though their mandate is to provide health care, they become sanctuaries; a refuge for civilians seeking protection from the horrors of war. This law has been broken.

Now, more than ever, humanitarian aid is vital to put people first in this horrific conflict. The Church is called to provide hope in times of darkness, to comfort those who mourn and to tend to those in need with loving service. Al Ahli Hospital, its staff and the Anglican Church will continue to do this. 

This is a developing situation. However, food, water and medical supplies still need to be procured for patients. Salaries for hospital staff still need to be paid so that they can continue to provide emergency 24-hour care. 

The Al Ahli Hospital appeal is still active, and Anglican Missions is continuing to work with the Anglican Alliance and other international Anglican agencies to determine the best way to provide humanitarian assistance.

We echo the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby's words and call to prayer: “... I mourn with our brothers and sisters - please pray for them. I renew my appeal for civilians to be protected in this devastating war. May the Lord God have mercy.”