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Concern over growth of Sunday options

The proliferation of options in this church’s lectionary is called into question.

Taonga news  |  10 May 2010

The proliferation of ‘special days’ in this church’s lectionary was called into question at General Synod on Monday.

Mr Jeremy Johnson (Christchurch) voiced concern that the growing number of Sunday options was undermining the concept of “common worship.”

On some days, he noted, it seemed the presiding priest could choose from up to four liturgical colours.

Synod was discussing the report of the Common Life Liturgical Commission.

Bishop Ross Bay (Auckland) acknowledged that the Commission was grappling with the problem of proliferation.

Archdeacon Andrew Starkey (Christchurch) also pointed to a lack of training in use of the lectionary.

Bishop Kitohi Pikaahu, chair of the Commission, responded that the primary service for the day should be obvious in the lectionary.