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The resource-sharing resolution

Here's the text of Motion 27, which was passed - and will see Tikanga Maori "express its tino rangatiratanga" over half the funds in the St John's College Trust.

Taonga News  |  13 Jul 2012

Here's the text of the motion submitted by Professor Whatarangi Winiata, in which he seeks the right for Tikanga Maori to "express its tinorangatiratanga" over half the funds in the St John's College Trust.

He asked the synod's leave to withdrew an earlier version of this motion, in favour of the one to follow. NB Three of the six people required for the working group have been chosen (see the story for these).
The motion was passed.

Motion 27

That Motion 27, including the preamble, be withdrawn for the purpose of substituting the following motion:


• The assets of the St John’s College Trust Board, the Church’s principal educational trust, have accumulated to $315 million (as at 31 December 2011) of which $57.8 million is committed to the land and facilities to support the college of St John the Evangelist and John Kinder Theological Library;

• Tikanga Maori seeks to engage with its partners, Tikanga Pakeha and Tikanga Pasefica, in a discussion as to how Tikanga Maori can be free to express its tino rangatiratanga;

• Tikanga Maori has been unable to express tino rangatiratanga over the deployment of St John’s College Trust Board funds, and has been unable to fund its educational needs;

• Tikanga Maori seeks to exercise tino rangatiratanga over 50% of those funds;

• Clause 12(a) of the preamble to the Constitution provides for the Church to organise its affairs within each of the tikanga (social organizations, language, laws, principles and procedures) of each partner.

 Now therefore this General Synod/Te Hinota Whanui resolves that:

• General Synod/Te Hinota Whanui establish a working group to

(i)  consult, as they see fit, on how tino rangatiratanga is best accommodated in giving expression to the Constitution of the Church particularly in the sharing of educational resources and in the formulation of the investment policy adopted by the SJCTB, and

(ii)  report to the next session of General Synod as to how the aspirations of Tikanga Maori may be achieved.

That the Working Group comprise (of six people)
That Standing Committee provide funding of $2500 for this Group.