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Runanganui moves on Te Reo Māori

Te Runanganui o Te Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa has moved to fully conduct its life in Te Reo Māori by 2030.

Te Runanganui o te Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa  |  29 Sep 2020

Te Rūnanganui o Te Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa affirms ‘Ko te reo Māori he taonga tuku iho i ahu mai i te Atua’. We acknowledge that the status of te reo Māori is severely endangered.

In this context we resolve that te reo Māori becomes the preferred language used in mission and ministry in Te Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa by 2030.

To maintain focus we resolve that this motion will appear as an introductory statement to all management and governance Board papers of Te Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa.

We resolve Te Rūnanganui o Te Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa will establish a Commission for Māori language mission and ministry. The first task of the Commission will be to capture strategic Māori language aims of Te Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa. The Commission will be convened in urgency by Archbishop Don Tamihere, and consists of one representative (with an alternate) from each Hui Amorangi with the power to co-opt, including kuia/kaumātua. Establishment of the Commission will require provision of adequate resourcing.