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+Wellington hails oil exploration ban

The Bishop of Wellington has welcomed the Government's announcement that limits new fossil fuel exploration in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Diocese of Wellington/Taonga News  |  13 Apr 2018  |

The Rt Rev Justin Duckworth has welcomed Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's 12 April announcement that the Government will not issue any new permits for offshore oil and gas drilling.

"Ending new offshore exploration permits is one significant step in our transition to a clean economy." said Bishop Justin as the news came in.

"The sooner [our energy economy] transitions, the sooner we can live in loving relationships with our global neighbours, and our environment which is our common home."

"[This] announcement is a step forward in loving our global neighbours." he said.

Last month, Wellington Anglicans joined with other Christians, unions and NGOs to demonstrate outside the Petroleum Conference calling for an end to all new exploration permits.

Leading up to that action, many church leaders wrote to the Energy Minister and church members visited her to share their concerns. This follows other climate action by the Anglican Diocese of Wellington, including divesting from fossil fuels, employing a climate advocate and supporting the Zero Carbon Act campaign.

"[Yesterday's] announcement shows the government is listening. We thank them for that and encourage them to take further steps towards a clean economy, including ruling out new coal mines and ending subsidies for the fossil fuel sector." said Bishop Justin yesterday.