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Wellington appoints new Dean

The Diocese of Wellington has announced Rev David Rowe will be the next Dean of Wellington.

Bishop Victoria Matthews resigns

After almost 10 years of leadership through the most tumultuous period in Christchurch history, Bishop Victoria Matthews has announced her resignation. She will step down as Bishop of Christchurch on May 1.
• RNZ: Christchurch's Anglican bishop steps down
• Bishop Victoria to leave Christchurch after 10 years in role

Anglican and Catholic bishops meet

Anglican and Catholic bishops spent a day and half this week meeting and sharing common concerns.

Helping youth get into the Bible

The Bible Society New Zealand has released a new youth guide designed to open up the Bible to newcomers.

Grappling with an "existential threat"

The Oceania fono members have today released a communique from their recent gathering in Suva. And they've identified climate change as the first of their common concerns.
• The communique, in full
• The ABC talks climate change with the ABC

New Pihopa o Aotearoa named

The Archbishops have announced who is to become the next Pihopa o Aotearoa. He will become the youngest primate in the Anglican Communion.
• Our new Archbishop's journey

Strandz gets kids ready for Easter

Strandz has produced two exciting new ministry resources to help Kiwi families chart their course through the Easter season.

+PNG calls for aid to quake zones

Papua New Guinea's Archbishop Allan Migi has called for urgent prayer and financial support as people in the worst-hit zones struggle to cope in the aftermath of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake.
• NZ Anglican Missions PNG Appeal

Jesus makes churches not NGOs

If Christians lose sight of the simplicity of the Gospel, the Archbishop of Canterbury said in Suva on Sunday, "we become simply an NGO with big buildings."
• The ABC's Suva sermon
• Oceania fono emphasises love & care for creation
• Archbishop Justin Welby deeply grateful for Fiji's hospitality

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