Telling the stories of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, NZ and Polynesia

St John’s shifts ministry into gear

St John’s Theological College has invited US changemaker Paul Sparks to Aotearoa next week as part of its vision to revitalize Anglican communities as Spirit-led agents of social change.

GSSC responds to Sydney

In August this year the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, proposed that this church recognise a parallel Anglican Church in this country. The General Synod Standing Committee has today sent him a public letter in response to his proposal.
• The unedited text of the GSSC letter.
• The ACNS report on this issue.

All Souls’ marks a post-quake first

All Souls’ Church in Merivale St Albans parish has opened its doors as the first suburban Anglican church built in Christchurch since the earthquakes, and the first ‘built from scratch’ in the diocese for 40 years.

Anglicans welcome broader inquiry

A broader investigation into the historic abuse of children in institutions was always needed, says Archbishop Philip Richardson. He's welcomed news that the Royal Commission of Inquiry will now include children in the care of faith-based institutions.
• The PM's statement on the extension of the inquiry
• Duncan Garner interviews Archbishop Philip on AM TV
• RC Bishop of Dunedin questions inquiry's scope
• RNZ Checkpoint PM video re: inquiry announcement

New Archbishop announced

The Archbishops have announced who is to become the next Bishop of Polynesia. He's an ethnic Fijian man who has demonstrated his courage – and his readiness to serve Polynesians of every ethnic background.
• Vigils - and Vigilantes
• Fiji Sun story
• Fiji Times story
• RNZ Pacific announcement

Xmas story free to 85K kids

The Bible Society New Zealand is inviting churches to join its giveaway of thousands of fully illustrated children’s Christmas story books across Aotearoa New Zealand this year.

Seeking justice for Naboth…

The Old Testament story of Naboth's Vineyard is about a man who refuses to sell his inherited land to the king. So his queen has Naboth stoned, and dogs lick his blood. It's a story missionaries reached for when they tried, and failed, to save the iwi land on which downtown Tauranga is built.
• The General Synod apology to the Tauranga Moana hapu
• Naboth's Vineyard: the Reese report
• The day General Synod said sorry - a report

Study reveals NZ faith trends

A recently completed study of faith and belief in Aotearoa offers both good and bad news on the New Zealand public's view of Christians and the church.

Synods ban gay conversion therapy

Three New Zealand diocesan synods have passed motions opposing the practice of gay conversion therapy.

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