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'He has never failed me' affirms Mothers' Union president

Kiwis get the chance to hear from the Worldwide President of a movement that's been called "the fifth Instrument of Anglican Unity". 
• Goal to celebrate - the MU mission statement

Questing after the Trinitarian 'payload'

In celebrating Trinity Sunday, our preacher looks for the Trinitarian 'payload.'

Where’s the fire?

Taonga columnist John Bluck looks for evidence that the Spirit of Pentecost is alive and well in today's church.

Massey doctorate for David Moxon

Archbishop Sir David Moxon is awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from Massey University. 
• Sir Anand Satyanand's citation
• 'Humanities can empower people to make a stand' 

Another honour for former ahorangi

 Dr Jenny Te Paa Daniel  has been offered another  honorary doctorate, this time by the General Theological Seminary in New York. 
• Outstanding academic profile  

ABC apologises to Jews

Archbishop Welby apologises to the Jewish community for anti-Semitic behaviour and comments emanating from the Anglican Communion.

After Anzac...

Taonga columnist John Bluck shares a lingering fascination with the religious nature of Anzac services.

ABC: Let's stop pretending we agree

The Archbishop of Canterbury warns that the pretence that mainstream religions agree on everything  leaves them impotent to halt the spread of extremism.

Pasifika crusade against violence

The Diocese of Polynesia aims to work ecumenically to eliminate all forms of violence – at home and in the community.