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Bishop Gray on mission to Japan

Bishop John Gray, in Japan for the Anglican Indigenous Network, will convey Archbishops' prayers for the Japanese church in the ISIS hostage crisis.

Shaping up for spiritual warfare

Sunday's preacher poses a disturbing question: Do we trust in Jesus as the victor in all aspects of spiritual warfare?

I Nga Ra o Mua: The days before us

Archbishop Brown Turei and the whanau of Tairawhiti guide the new Bishop of Waiapu and his family on a pilgrimage around the East Coast. 

Children share memories of Deepika

Children of St Christopher’s in Fiji mark the first anniversary of the death of Deepika Kumar.

MOTW warms up for mission

Manawa o Te Wheke wraps up its 2015 summer school – and plans a running start to the Decade of Mission.

In search of a Kiwi rhetoric

Our ability to speak the truth in love and lace it with a little bit of laughter would do the church's public profile no end of good right now, says Taonga blogger John Bluck.

Inter-faith body affirms shared values

The Shia Muslim-Christian Council of Aotearoa NZ affirms shared values of peace, love and justice.

New book challenges gun violence

The Archbishop of Canterbury contributes to a book challenging the epidemic of gun violence.