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Maori-Pakeha relations get a boost

A new group has been set up to keep this church focused on bicultural mission partnerships across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Taonga News  |  15 May 2016  |

 A new working group has been formed to build fruitful partnerships in ministry and mission across Māori and Pākehā churches.

A motion arising from the General Conference which preceded General Synod/Te Hīnota Whānui reactivates the Treaty, Church and Nation Commission (TCNC) with a new working group to keep the Spirit moving in our bicultural partnerships.

The group has been asked to:

 ● Develop two-yearly Māori-Pākehā wananga (educational meetings) attached to General Synod/Te Hīnota Whānui

 ● Study covenantal, gospel and Treaty foundations for partnership

 ● Encourage bicultural partnerships between local dioceses and hui amorangi

 ● Review the canons on partnership and Treaty in Title B, XXXI and XXXIII, which charge this church with:

 - gathering and sharing stories across all tikanga

 - planning and resourcing events which represent the interaction and witness of the three tikanga

 - seeking creative strategies for influencing our communities and government (on Treaty/bicultural issues)

 - encouraging the common life of the church at all levels

- ensuring this church promotes recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi / Tiriti o Waitangi and its principles of justice in the constitutional arrangements of Aotearoa New Zealand

 The new working group comprises one member from each of the hui amorangi and dioceses, plus the three archbishops. It has power to co-opt additional experts and access General Synod funding.

 The Treaty, Church and Nation Commission and its new working group will jointly report to General Synod Standing Committee in 2017, and to the General Conference in 2018.