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In work, but still poor

Wellington City Missioner the Rev Tric Malcolm and Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit founder the Rev Charles Waldegrave speak out about the struggles of low-paid Kiwi workers in this article from Stuff.

STUFF/Thomas Manch  |  16 May 2018

You could work all week and have only $20 to show for it.

You could be mother-of-two Joanna, working a retail job in Henderson, with take-home pay of $550 eaten up by rent of $530 every week. 

This isn't a story about rental prices in Auckland. This is a story about low wages, high living costs, and the working poor. 

And it's a story that's increasingly told around the country.

Thomas Manch from Stuff speaks with Tric Malcolm and Charles Waldegrave on the financial pressures that keep pushing people back to the city missions for food parcels, despite being in full-time work read more of this story here