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A poem to Love Unknown

New Zealand anchorite Lucy Nanson makes a poetic response to Love Unknown in the woman that anointed Jesus.

Lucy Nanson  |  31 Mar 2018

The Unknown Woman

She anointed my head with oil


I’d seen her in the distance

standing quietly in the shadows

watching me with an alabaster flask in her hands

she watched me for a long time

searching my face, observing my every move


Slowly she moved forward, holding the flask tightly to her

waiting until I was still

before moving the final steps to my side


Breaking the seal

she poured the oil into my hair

its powerful fragrance filling the room

even into the darkest shadows


Love came to me, recognizing me

love knew me well, the Son of Man

love poured its fragrance into my hair

stilling some of the pain of my aloneness

and impending death


Love came in a woman unknown





Written by Lucy Nanson [New Zealand anchorite]

Holy Week 2018